About us

Company background and mission

Approved Translations as a business entity has emerged relatively recently as a result of a joint grass-roots initiative of professionals within the translation industry and IT experts with a shared vision of providing excellent services and setting new standards in the field of translations using cutting edge technology.

In cooperation with Ionas Software Ltd , Approved Translations has created an online platform that hopes to become the default choice for people in need of translation services thanks to the ease of use, confidentiality, security and the hightest quality of service. We believe that in order to achieve the best outcomes for our customers we need to employ cutting edge technologies while keeping qualified professionals at the heart of our business.

The aim of Approved Translations is to provide verified translation services by trained and certified professionals, taking maximum advantage of the possibilities offered by modern technology while keeping the translator at the heart of the translation process.

Chartered Institute of Linguists
Association of Interpreters and Translators (AIT)
Asociacion Argentina de Traductores e Interpretes
Insitute of Translation and Interpreting
International Federation of Translators
Approved Translation Ltd

Our mission

Approved Translations, Our mission


The quality of translation services should not end with the translation text. Our clients use our services because they require translations for specific purposes. Therefore, Approved Translations guarantees the highest quality of our services, in order to ensure that the result of our work will not only be accurate in terms of the meaning of the translated text, but above all, that it will be suitable specifically for its intended purpose and use.


Our aspiration is to provide complete security, i.e. not only to meet existing requirements related to the transmission of confidential information, but to gain a commercial advantage over our competitors by developing new standards for secure online translation, proofreading and transcription. Our portal always uses an encrypted connection, all the documents we hold are encrypted, and role-based access control (RBAC) is used to allow access to the documents strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Process automation

Our goal is for you to experience full automation and control in the certified translation process. We want the process of obtaining the highest quality translations to involve only the electronic transfer of source files to our office, followed by quick postal delivery of the finished translations, or in those cases where possible, simple electronic download from our web portal. Our clients gain access to a portal that allows them to track the progress of their documents in real time. The experience of full control and automation over the translation process also includes the possibility to withdraw an order, if it takes too long, is incomplete or was placed in error.