Approved API

Programmatic interface

SecretaryWe specialise in providing certified translations, so the the translator will always be at the heart of our company. However, we are also passionate about technology, which is why we invest in the technological development of our company so that our processes are optimised and ready for full automation. Therefore, we have developed an API that will allow you to automatically order certified or ordinary translations, proofreading of documents, and recording transcriptions.

Integration of your company with Approved API

Once you have access to our Approved API, you will be able to integrate your systems using the Approved API REST interface. By integrating your systems with Approved API you will gain full control over the translation process - you will be able to:

  1. Automatically create orders for sworn or ordinary translations, proofreading and transcriptions
  2. Check on the progress of a specific order
  3. Send requests for the status and expected date of completion of all orders that meet the selected criteria, e.g.: date of order and target language
  4. Automatically cancel orders
  5. Generate reports of the activity of your company over a selected period of time

The Approved API gives you the ability to configure webhooks so that your systems can be automatically notified of specific events related to your orders e.g.:

  1. New business
  2. Change in the status of an order during the translation, transcription or proofreading process
  3. Order ready for collection
  4. Cancellation of an order

How does it work?

The Approved API offer is aimed at companies that regularly need translation, proofreading or transcription services. The process of accessing this service is very simple. Just send us an email and let us know that you are interested and we will send you:

  • OpenAPI documentation describing all operations supported by our interface
  • API key generated by our IT facilities, which will allow you to test the Approved API for free
  • Marketing material giving you a closer look at the possibilities offered by Approved API