What is an approved translation?

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Approved TranslationsThursday, 1 April 2021

There are many types of translation services - certified, sworn, notarised or apostille. What are approved translations and how they are different from other types of translation services?

What is an approved translation?

Translation services rarely extend to giving full acceptance guarantees. Approved translations, on the contrary, guarantee the translated document will meet the regulatory requirements mandated by the jursdiction where it is to be used. Approved translation services are therefore a more specialised form of translation, typically certified or sworn - that is tailored to the needs of customers.

The translation professional providing an approved translation service will take into account the country of origin and type of the source document, as well as the country and legal jurisdiction in which the translation is to be used, in order to provide an approved translation that will be guaranteed to be fit for purpose.

How are approved translations different from other translation types?

Unlike other types of translation services, the providers of approved translation services have better understanding of regulatory requirements surrounding the use of translated documents for official purposes in different jurisdictions.

Requesting an approved translation of a birth certificate to e.g. German requires the translation provider to have the document tranlated by an approved translator appearing on the German register of qualified translators in the relevant jurisdiction. Providing an approved translation of a birth certificate for use in the UK, requires the translation provider to be a member of a professional organisation.

The providers of the approved translation service guarantee to have the neccessary awareness of all the requirements that translated documents have to meet in order to be accepted in the jurisdiction where they are to be used.

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When will I need an approved translation?

You can benefit from using an approved translation in a variety of circumstances, especially when you are planning ahead and want to make sure your documents will be accepted in the jurisdiction where you intend to use them.

Approved translations for individuals - case study

Grace, a British citizen, marries Mieczysław, a Polish citizen and both decide to move to Poland. Grace intends to teach English in a Polish school while Mieczysław is going to take up work as a building surveyour. Janek, their son, will be attending a local primary school. Grace is preparing to leave the country and decides to have her marriage certificate and Janek's birth certificate translated anticiapting her propsective employer and Janek's school will require these documents. She approaches a local translation services company and requests the translations. The company provides a standard certified translation service that meets all legal requirements in the UK. However when Grace arrives in Poland she learns that the translator who certified the translated documents does not appear on the Polish Ministry of Justice register of sworn translators and the documents cannot be accepted. She is advised to approach a local translation company to have the documents translated again.