Transcribing audio and video files
Recording language

Select the language of the recordings you want to send. If you have multiple recordings in different languages, use the form separately for each of them.

Audio and Video Files

Make sure that the language of recordings you send is consistent with the source language selected above - this will allow us to provide a quote much faster.

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An email with the quote will be sent to this address. The same email address should later be used to register your account and access your files.

Quote currency

The currency in which we will make the valuation.


We will traslate the transcribed texts into the specified language.


Use the form to request a quote - we will present a complete quote immediately or we will send you an email with a comprehensive quote prepared by our staff within an hour.

Recording quality

Naturally we will need more time to translate recordings of poor quality. If most of the recording is difficult to understand we will suggest video/audio editing service (at an extra cost) to reduce noise and enhance the spoken parts.


Once you have received your quote, you will have the option to pay online at your convenience using PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.


We get to work as soon as we receive your payment. We will keep you informed on the progress and the estimated time of completion of your order.

How much does it cost?

Transcription of one minute of spoken audio costs £8 on average. In the case of the service option with translation of the transcription into a chosen language, we charge an additional fee depending on the number of words to be translated.

The final price will also be determined by the quality of the recording and the number of speakers and consequently words on the recording.

The quality of the recording is important, as difficulties in hearing what is being said will force our staff to listen to parts of the recording several times If audio enhancement is required, with the client's consent, it will be carried out at an additional cost.

We accept payments in Pounds Sterling£  Euros   and Polish Zotys . The best way to obtain information on the cost of transcription of a specific recording is by filling in and sending the form above.